Monday, December 24, 2012

Results post.

This is the post many have asked for.  This is a all-in-one post for the different test batches I have done.  The wool for these experiments was from a cone of sport weight super wash wool.  Each group is sorted into 4 skeins. 
  1. Straight off the cone.
  2. Scored in a wool soap, in cold water.
  3. Put into a cold alum soak.
  4. Both Scored and put in Alum.
Pine Cones

Eucalyptus Bark

Elm Bark (got washed with the iron batch, so iron influenced the color)
Elm Bark with Iron
Yellow Onion Skins
Yellow Onion Skins with Iron
Second batch of Elm Bark
Black Rice
Black Rice with the Rice left with the Dye

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