Monday, December 17, 2012

Pure vs. Superwash & VM

Still no pictures, but I pulled the elm bark, the black rice and the 2nd batch bottles.

I would like to know who has dyed with both pure and SW wool in the same dye pot.  There is a real difference, since all of the wool was scoured and mortared together.  One took a lot more dye than the other one.

Is there a difference between removing the VM (Vegetable Matter) and leaving it in?  Yes!  There is a difference, at least when it black rice the dye material.  The filtered wool is blue/violet, while the unfiltered medium purple.  While you are dyeing with rice, stir often, otherwise you will get a tonal effect.

I have the skeins of the fingering weight prepped.  The elm was transferred to a bottle.  A second bottle was filtered from the rice and a third was filled with rice put into the bottle.  I look forward to the color variation. 

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