Tuesday, November 11, 2008

OTN Update

What is on my needles?

  • The BMP are in a bag right now. I need to practice using two colors more before I can getthey to be looser.
  • Kool-Aid sock need pictures.
  • Wild-Foote need pictures.
  • Red Cascade Heritage Socks are on the way to the heel
  • Green Berroco Sox Yarn (Yes, the yarn I received from Yvonne) just past the heel this morning.
  • Scarf, got lost in my knit bag.
Been having fun with Polymer Clay. Need to post more pictures. Started a picture study of a double center pull ball. Will post a Tutorial soon.

Might have a large box soon at my LYS. More details and pictures after I get it.

Stitch Marker Exchange

Another Exchange in Crafter's Haven. This time it is a Stitch Marker exchange, which is why I started working with Polymer clay.

These are my SM from Kris. Too big for socks, so they will be used for my next larger needle project. Thank you Kris.

These are my SM from Linda.

This little packet was in with my SM from Linda. I now have some more markers to make. Thank You Linda.