Friday, April 27, 2007


I'm in Reno this weekend for a Conference and the Nevada State Education Association, Annual Delegate Assembly. Lots of sitting and listening time, so lots of Knitting Time!

I am already on my third Master Practice Swatch. I'm knitting my practice on Patton Acrylic. I skipped lunch today and went yarn shopping. My final swatches will be on Summer Sky Cascade 220. No camera this weekend, but I should get shots next week. Why a practice and a final? I did not have the right kind of wool that would be best for light color, and wool blocks better than acrylic. Besides, practice does make perfect.

If your ever in Reno, near the Peppermill Hotel, just 3 blocks or so North, in the NE corner, there is a CVS, just to the left is a mall with a Ben Franklin. This Ben Franklin is worth visiting. I'm guessing 8 to 10 aisles of yarn. Great selection of yarns from companies that usually deal with the knit shops only (Noro, Cascade, Berroco, and others) along with the standard Red Heart. I did see colors from Lion Heart, I have not seen in shopping in Michael's/Joann's/Walmart.

The baby hats are for a friend, whose daughter is having twins. Grandma promises pictures after the babies are born.

What is a CB Vest? Same vest, but I am using two colors. If your not sure who CB is, just wait.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


After a discussion in Knitting Novices on Yahoo Groups, we started talking about the Master Knitting program. After talking about it, I looked into it.

I am now a member of The Knitting Guild Association.

I am also one of the newest participants of the Master Hand Knitting, Level 1 course. This is not a course in teaching me how to knit, but to test my skills and knowledge. From my Instructions (Copyright tkga, 04/07)
This level of the Master Hand Knitting Program tests your abilities to:
  • Research different techniques
  • Accurately follow directions and patterns
  • Knit garter, rib, stockinette, seed, and reverse stockinette stitch patterns with even tension
  • Space increases evenly
  • Mirror increases
  • Mirror decreases
  • Make yarnovers
  • Knit simple cables
  • Change colors
  • Weave in yarn tails properly
  • Write simple patterns
  • Knit a simple hat in the round
  • Properly block swatches
  • Discuss blocking techniques and care of knitted items
... and this is just Level 1 of 3. I have had a few requests to post my progress, I will be including pictures of my progress.

Currently, while doing other things as well, starting to practice swatch #1.

If the program interests you, a couple things I have learned:
  • Read the "On Your Way to the Masters, Article Archive". There are great articles to help understand the program and techniques.
  • Use the TKGA Message board. There are useful conversations there.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Felted Squirrel

I love sitting and watch the squirrels raiding the bird feeder. Living in the city, we do not have any squirrels. After seeing Fiber Trends pattern I tried it.

Here are Pictures my second try. He is still waiting to visit the washing Machine. Yes, he is a felting project.

Okay. My first one has already been though the wash, stuffed and had the final additions.

The Yarn is cascade 220, and the tail includes a random Eyelash.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Applogies

Sorry All for the lack of posts. It was a busy summer, and then the school year started. In November my Mom passed away unexpectingly. I have a couple projects to post, and should get more posted soon.

First Completed vest.

Here is my first vest. The pattern is Peter Easy by Berroco. There are some design problems with the pattern, so it is wider than it should be.

Decrease after ribbing?

Second Vest

This is the same pattern, different color and I reduced the starting number of stitches I cast on.

No, I am not using Berroco yarn.

I also modified the pattern in the ribbing for the neck and shoulders. Instead of the standard K2P2 all rows,

1 - K2P2
2- K2B, P2 (Knit in the back loop)

Remember when you were told to not twist your stitches?