Saturday, December 31, 2011


For the and of the Year, and the New Year, I started the Bee-Keeper's Quilt also know as Hexi-Puffs.

Each of my Hexi-Puffs will be knitting my own hand spun yarn. After several test knits, the original pattern has 10 stitches cast-on. I knit 14 stitches for a sightly larger hexi.

For those that wonder, I use Magic-loop, two at a time with Judy's Magic Cast-On, KF&B, and a 3 Needle Bind-off.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

On my Needles

I'm going to experiment and see if I can easily post a picture of what I'm knitting.

Okay, just turn your head sideways.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm officially a Designer

It is Official!

I received a check yesterday from Skacel Collection, Inc.. I was one of several members of the Fall Men's Knitting Retreat who participated in Skacel's contest. We were each given on skein of yarn and asked to create an original design. We did not expect the final result, where everyone that participated could get their pattern published. These will be downloadable patterns. I will post a link if I can, once the patterns are released.

On the Loom

I practiced warp and weft patterns, using the pick-up stick. I stopped practicing when my shuttle was empty. I loaded up the shuttle, so I am ready for tonight's class.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Utah Continued...

Saw the performance of Winter's Tale. I am not sure if it is the seven years between performances, or a better understanding of the language, but I understood this production much more. It was interesting to see those on stage in clothes from the 20s and 30s, instead of the traditional Elizabethan Era. I know the ladies next to me were a little uncomfortable, but I think changing eras add a closer tie to the modern era.

Dial M For Murder was a fun and interesting production. I have not seen it on stage before, and I have not seen the Hitchcock version. I found out that Hitchcock based his on the original theater production, with only minor additions.

I can see why he did use the idea. It does appear to be the perfect murder. When it goes wrong, it still seems a perfect. But does someone actually get away with murder? You'll have to find out....

Utah Shakespeare Festival can be found @

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Location:Utah Shakespeare Festival

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Theater time

It is theater time again.

The 4th and Final show of the year is Five Guys Named Mo. Very interactive show. More interactive than I have seen with just about any other theater.

This weekend I am in Cedar City, Utah at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. There are three shows in the Fall season, but one of the plays, Noises Off ran in both Summer and Fall Season, so I'm only seeing two shows this time.

Dial M for Murder. I'm looking forward to this murder mystery. I have not seen this one on stage.

The Winter's Tale, by William Shakespeare. I have seen this one before in this same theater. I was a little confused the first time, so I hope to understand the play better this time.

This will be the last of the live theater this yea I believe. Of course I would like to see more. I am planning to go see Lord of the Rings, in Concert and the annual Trans-Siberian Orchestra

What is on my Needles

Panda Socks (Called Panda, because it is a blend of super wash merino, bamboo and Nylon).

Abstract Fiber Socks - might try Cat's new heel.

HizVest - I received this pattern at the Fall Men's Knitting Retreat and had to wait for my yarn to come in from Blue Moon Fiber. The 18 rows of 1x1 ribbing was slow. Just started my first pattern row.

What is on my wheel
Abstract fiber's Merino. I think it is pure merino. I loved all the colors in the fiber.

What's on my loom
I just had my third lesson on my new Ridged Heddle Loom. We started weaving this last class. We are doing a practice piece. I want to get through this worsted wool/acrylic blend and work on a thinner yarn.

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Location:Spring Mountain Ranch and Cedar City, UT