Friday, December 14, 2012

Progress and Iron

I keep forgetting to take pictures of the iron dye batch.  I started a second batch of elm bark.  I also started a batch of black rice as well.

Soaking Elm Bark Wool

Two batches of black rice wool soaking.  Two batches you ask?  I started reading more, and reading on Ravelry.  Do you strain the vegetable matter (VM) from dye first, or leave the VM in the pot?  The top was just liquid, the bottom is wool and rice together.
I started another experiment as well.  These are the elm & iron, onion skins & iron, and just onion skins.  This time I changed the fiber.  Each bottle has two skeins, both fingering weight.  One is 100% wool.  (I have been using sport weight Superwash wool.)  The other is a Wool/Bamboo (rayon) 65% / 35% blend.

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