Monday, October 06, 2008

OTN Update and Stitch Markers

Here are my Kool Aid Socks, so far.

Someone (No names mentioned) (Nancy) about a stitch marker exchange, and the different kinds of markers. I already owned a set of Polymer stitch markers, and already tried some basic markers. These are my first experiment with the clay. More soon.

OTN Update:
  • Kool Aid blank is near completeion.
  • Wild Foote is still being worked on at work, but nearing finish.
  • BMP Socks is on hold, just have not had time.
  • Working on a diagonal scarf. Almost done
  • New Sweater, just started Saturday. Still on the first row of the pattern, after the rib row. One pattern row is 5 complete rows, RS and WS. It is a open, buttoned sweater, but I am doing it in the round. More details soon.


Knitman said...

I really like these, excellent colours. I have several packets of Kool Aid but not got around to using them yet.

Flavio83 said...

Wow Charles, looks fantastic. I haven't visited your blog for AGES!!! I can't believe we are both still knitting, hehe!

Long live men knitters! :D