Monday, September 22, 2008

Ornamant Exchange

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a Ornament Exchange in Crafter's Haven? Well I can finally post pictures of the ornaments I knitted.

These are different sizes of holiday bells. The small blue on on the left is regular sock yarn, on a US #3/ The rest are different kinds of yarn, on needles from US #4 to I think #8. Each one was blocked and put onto a bottle to stretch to form. Yes it is mostly wool, so it will stretch.

... and now for exchange I received:

More sock yarn, and I do love the color. The dish cloths are the DW cloth, and an illusional design. (the camera angle brought out the illusion a lot better), and a Christmas stocking.

An interesting montage of stuff. Including:
  • Gummy Rat (Yes I will eat it)
  • Rubber chicken (LOL! Not sure if you all want the whole story)
  • Gauge Ruler
  • Spiderman Pen (Might be cute at work)
  • Markers (Always use more markers)
  • Frog Patch
  • Note pad.
  • Tea!
I'm looking forward to the next exchange, Stitch Markers

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