Tuesday, April 24, 2007


After a discussion in Knitting Novices on Yahoo Groups, we started talking about the Master Knitting program. After talking about it, I looked into it.

I am now a member of The Knitting Guild Association.

I am also one of the newest participants of the Master Hand Knitting, Level 1 course. This is not a course in teaching me how to knit, but to test my skills and knowledge. From my Instructions (Copyright tkga, 04/07)
This level of the Master Hand Knitting Program tests your abilities to:
  • Research different techniques
  • Accurately follow directions and patterns
  • Knit garter, rib, stockinette, seed, and reverse stockinette stitch patterns with even tension
  • Space increases evenly
  • Mirror increases
  • Mirror decreases
  • Make yarnovers
  • Knit simple cables
  • Change colors
  • Weave in yarn tails properly
  • Write simple patterns
  • Knit a simple hat in the round
  • Properly block swatches
  • Discuss blocking techniques and care of knitted items
... and this is just Level 1 of 3. I have had a few requests to post my progress, I will be including pictures of my progress.

Currently, while doing other things as well, starting to practice swatch #1.

If the program interests you, a couple things I have learned:
  • Read the "On Your Way to the Masters, Article Archive". There are great articles to help understand the program and techniques.
  • Use the TKGA Message board. There are useful conversations there.

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