Saturday, December 31, 2011


For the and of the Year, and the New Year, I started the Bee-Keeper's Quilt also know as Hexi-Puffs.

Each of my Hexi-Puffs will be knitting my own hand spun yarn. After several test knits, the original pattern has 10 stitches cast-on. I knit 14 stitches for a sightly larger hexi.

For those that wonder, I use Magic-loop, two at a time with Judy's Magic Cast-On, KF&B, and a 3 Needle Bind-off.


Kristyn said...

I love the look of the quilt but I do not think I have the patience to knit it. Good luck to you.

Charles said...

It is a time consumer, but I will be proud of it once it is done.


Anonymous said...

How wide are you making them? I really like the 14 vs 10 and I want to try it but keep the same dimensions-- not sure if that makes sense. /r

Charles said...

I keep the same dimensions. The half way point is double the stitches. With 14 Stitches to start on each side, I increase to 28 stitches before I start to decrease.