Monday, September 03, 2007

Yarn Update

Been a busy summer and I keep forgetting to post.

Yes it has been another Hot summer and I have not been knitting as much.

Knitting Masters. The 16th final sample is done, and the hat is now done. I still have to tuck tails and block. I plan to re-photograph all the samples, and the hat, using the original posts.

CB. It got frogged, and restarted, with more frogging. I'm thinking it is going to be tight, but maybe blocking will help. I'm almost to the arm holes, so it will go faster.

Started a small dragon for the release of Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows. Lost a weekend while trying to read the book. Dragon did not turn out quite as expected, so he took a break.

Finally got to meet the East Side Knitters that are unable to make it to the West Side. Who? The Las Vegas Knitters. We meet on each side of town once a week.

Added two new entries to Podcasts. Guido is a hoot. Has his blog says:

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