Thursday, April 20, 2006


Here are my first set of clogs. This is what they look like before they are felted. Look like a nice pair of slippers for a very all Basketball Player. The shoe is a 9 1/2.

Needles: #13 Turbo


condith said...

Charles, are you going to felt the clogs. I love the color. Lets see the end result.

Goldendomer said...

I love the color of the clogs! I haven't made a pair yet, but you might be inspiring me. :-)

Charles said...

Yes I will be felting and posting the results when they are complete.

Chris said...

Looking good!

I'm toying with the idea of doing a couple of pairs this season for my partner and I. (for those two whole days of cold in Texas).

Will check back on your progress. said...

Hi Charles,
I love your felted slippers and wonder if I missed the part where you told us your pattern? I have only been partof the group for about three weeks, but I would love a link or your instructions to make myself a pair. I won't have to shell out so much for Haflingers that I wear in the house 9 months of the year! Plus, yours are so attractive!